In one form or another, ‘stucco’ has been used for centuries. Hard and durable, it has been textured, tinted or coated to provide a colorful, attractive and cost e ective exterior. As a render over masonry or with a weather-resistive barrier and lath, stucco is a preferred cladding choice for many architects and builders.
Dryvit offers a new dimension to an ‘old’ solution by providing a variety of stucco assemblies suited to the architect’s need for both performance and aesthetics. Using the latest in 21st century chemistry, Dryvit CCP options can include superior air and weather-barrier performance, as well as aesthetic variety through a multitude of exible, high performance nish options. Dryvit CCP – proven, reliable, creative – building on the past with the future in mind.

Unique Stucco uses exclusively Dryvit products. For more information on Dryvit, check out Dryvit.com.

Our Clients

“I used Unique Stucco to perform remodeling and some stucco repairs. I was surprised when Adrian proposed a solution that was cost effective. Other stucco contractors I received quotes from were proposing more expense solutions. The work was performed when promised, they kept me informed and I felt the pricing arrangement was great. Service was excellent – I would highly recommend Adrian and this company.”

Marvin Cooper

“Was very impressed with Adrian and his crew. Adrian is very knowledgeable, reasonable, kind, and reassuring. He’s got a great sense of humor too! They were punctual, polite, detail oriented, and nice. The work they did is top notch and they even came back out two times when I asked them to with no hesitation. I would use Unique Stucco and his crew again not only for residential stucco and repairs but also for any remodeling job. You won’t be disappointed!”

Richard Cody